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Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair. A Conversation With Giorgio Baroni

There is nothing better than a Hollywood cocktail party where beauty is scrutinized constantly and aging-gracefully is not a phrase that you hear often. In a Hollywood directory you find names and addresses of every possible specialist that can fix any kind of beauty concerns you might have.

As a hair stylist, I introduce myself with my elevator pitch. “Hair enhances and brings out people’s individuality. It establishes the blueprint of who we are.”

The constant change of hair colors, the application of chemical straighteners, the use of curling irons, hot hairdryers, or too much styling products in the long run will take its toll. How can one keep their hair from splitting, breaking off and looking dull and lifeless?

In a society where a luxurious mane is symbolic of youth, healthy hair is of great importance and therefore how to keep one’s hair looking beautiful becomes an endless question:

A rising actor’s agent told her that to improve her looks she should grow her hair out. But her hairstylist told her that her hair is not strong enough to let it grow past her shoulders.

A young celebrity mother says that as soon as she started breastfeeding her newly born baby, in the morning she finds huge amounts of hair on her bathroom floor.

A well-heeled socialite is resigned to the idea that her husband hair is thinning out. “He tried a lot of different hair lotions, even drugs, but none worked.”

Hollywood studios working mother complains that since she has been on her new stress medication, she has noticed her hair thinning right at the front hairline.

A Fortune 500 executive tells me that she used to have a beautiful head of hair, but since she entered menopause her hair has been thinning out, looking dull and lifeless.

A successful lawyer complains that his boss is the reason he’s balding.

I have learned to listen carefully to the chatter around me and to answer these questions, my extensive research brought me to NAPURA. An Italian cosmetic company dedicated to the research of natural methods of promoting hair growth through essential oils.

Of course you don’t need to have hair loss to do the Napura TREAT SYSTEM METHOD anti hair loss prevention. Everyone should do it!
If the blood microcirculation of the scalp is active and unceasing, hair roots regularly produce keratin and hair grows strong and healthy. A healthy hair shaft is less susceptible to breakages from external environmental hardship, by harsh brushing and hot hair dryers, by chemical processes, like hair colors, straightening or perms. And even internal related reasons. Common things, like abuse of drugs, or daily stress. Healthy scalp for healthy hair is the answer to all your questions.

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair.
What does that mean?
It means that for one to have a healthy hair growth one needs to maintain a healthy scalp.

How do you maintain a healthy scalp?
Many hair problems, including excessive premature hair loss, are caused by accumulation of toxins. To achieve and maintain a healthy scalp it’s important to remove toxins, which build up over time.

Through this conversation I would like to introduce these amazing products to my clients and assist those in need of achieving a healthy scalp and therefore, healthy beautiful hair.

Today, NAPURA produces one of the best natural products on the market for prevention and reverse hair loss.

There are a total of 5 phases to the TREATSYSTEMETHOD Product line.

The PURIFY PHASE de-toxin treatment - T1 -

This phase should be done by everyone, because Toxins cause a considerable reduction in blood microcirculation, which in normal condition feeds oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles Accumulated toxins reduce skin elasticity and impede normal scalp functions, weakening the hair by slowing down reproductive activities of the hair’s roots and causes premature hair loss.
The Purify Phase’s precious synergy of ESSENTIAL OILS and NATURAL ACTIVE SUBSTANCES absorbed by the scalp unties the toxins bonds and facilitate lymph drainage favoring their elimination. At the same time specific MINERALS regulate vital skin functions. The scalp quickly recovers and becomes flexible, encouraging healthy hair growth.

• Dissolves the dermal toxins
• Relaxes the scalp
• Purifies the scalp

The Purify treatment box contains 2 Shampoo S1 Purify - 8 vials T1 Purify pre - 8 vials T1 Purify Post

Ask me for information on how to use The Purify Phase.

Once we have completed the Purify Phase, depending on your hair type we select the appropriate Phase to follow.

In cases of just prevention, which it means that it is advisable to anyone that doesn’t necessarily experience hair loss, but would like to maintain healthy hair, I suggest the PRIME 4 PHASE.

PRIME 4 PHASE anti hair loss prevention

A constant and continuous nutritional supply to the hair’s bulbs reinforces natural hair growth, decreasing the danger of premature hair loss. If the blood microcirculation of the scalp is active and unceasing, hair roots regularly produce keratin and hair grows strong and healthy. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the roots toned and strong in order to prevent the weakening of the hair. The special mix of Essential Oils, Minerals, and Vitamins guarantees a perfect balance and an efficient exchange of nutritional elements in the skin. The original Dead Sea Salts facilitates the activity of the hair’s bulbs, opposing hair loss. Hair becomes strong and healthy, remaining shiny and brilliant for a long time.

• Nourishes the scalp
• Improves vitality of the roots
• Anti hair loss adjuvant

The Prime box contains 2 shampoo S4 Prime – 24 vials T4 Prime post

Ask me for information on how to use The Prime Phase.

In cases of excessive hair loss that includes: post pregnancy hair loss, medications and or menopause hormone changes (it includes male hormone changes), any kind of stress related causes, I suggest the Energy 2 anti hair loss adjuvant for normal scalp, or Energy 3 anti hair loss adjuvant for greasy scalp.

ENERGY 2 PHASE for normal scalp

Climatic changes and occasional disturbances of the human organism can impede normal hair growth. Hair loses its vitality, grows slowly, and falls out due to inadequate amounts of nutriments and oxygen in its roots. To prevent and oppose these anomalies in an effective and efficient way, it is necessary to re-establish the natural balance of the skin and to protect and stimulate the hair’s roots. The specific synergy of Essential Oils and Natural Active Substances strengthens and tones the hair’s bulbs, acting directly on the roots of the hair. At the same time, Mineral Complexes regulate the vital activities of the hair, giving it structure and beauty. Fine, weak hair grows strong and full of body, quickly normalizing excessive hair loss.

• Nourishes and strengthens the hair’s roots
• Stimulates the functions of the hair follicle
• Anti hair loss adjuvant

The Energy 2 box contains 2 shampoo S2 Energy – 24 vials T2 Energy post

Ask me for information on how to use The Energy 2 Phase.

The ENERGY 3 PHASE for greasy scalp

One of the main causes of greasy hair is the anomalous production of sebum, caused by an alteration in the functions of the sebaceous glands. As the perspiration increases and the bulbs weaken, it slows down the growth of the hair. The hair becomes heavy, lacking volume and tone, grows slowly, and falls out in an excessive amount. It’s possible to regulate the glandular secretions by improving the nutriment and oxygenation of the roots, making it possible for them to function efficiently. The specific synergy of the Essential Oils and Natural Active Substances provides an intense strengthening and toning action to the bulbs, normalizing the secretions of the glands and keeping the hair clean for a long time. At the same time, refined Mineral Complexes regulate the vital activities of the hair, adding structure and beauty. The roots strengthen, while the episodes of excessive hair loss decrease and normalize.

• Normalizes skin secretions
• Nourishes and strengthens the hair’s roots
• Stimulates the functions of the hair follicle
• Anti hair loss adjuvant

The Energy 3 box contains 2 shampoo S3 Energy – 24 vials T3 Energy post

Ask me for information on how to use The Energy 3 Phase.

Now that you have completed the all the necessary phases and your hair is looking great, shiny, strong and revitalized, I suggest the Anagen Phase. This phase continues to supplement the hair follicle for a healthy growth. It is suggested for everyone to do it.

ANAGEN PHASE hair growth supplement treatment – T0

The Anagen Post is formulated to improve the growth and life cycle of the hair. It contains Bifigen Redox®, a special hair growth supplement formulated by Napura to stimulate and increase follicle activity. This substance is obtained from Bifidobacterium Bifidum, a probiotic bacterium, which acts as an ally to our health. The revitalizing effect of Bifigen Redox® is strengthened by SOD (Superoxide Dismutase), an enzyme that optimizes the activity and defense abilities of the cells from which the hair grows. Anagen Post contains specific vegetal extracts such as Liquorices, Green Tea, and Humulus Lupulus, which strengthen the hair, revitalizing and protecting it from growth inhibiting agents. The Anagen Post treatment provides a vital nutriment that favors the natural growth and improves the structure of the hair.

• Growth supplement
• Improves the hair’s ability to grow long
• Prolongs the Anagen phase

The Anagen box contains 2 shampoo S0 Anagen – 24 vials T0 Anagen post

Ask me for information on how to use The Anagen Phase.

The efficacy of these products is made unique by a careful selection of essential oils that contains and by a wise productive method.
The choice of specific raw materials and lab analysis certificate daily the level of the ingredients’ pureness, testing the origin and relative harvest-time.
A particularly attention is paid to the postproduction maintenance of precious active principles. The vial is made of blue crystal, a Napura’s patent: it contains high screening properties, fundamental to block the polymerizing photo-activetors caused by ultra-violet rays. The hermetic closing typical of vials impedes the oxygen to activate oxidizing processes. In the usage of this vials is recovered the research, professionalism and natural passion, which Napura transmits to make effective each treatment.

Thank you for your attention. Post your comments and or ask me question. For more information on how to buy the products email me at


  1. I have my hair colored every 2 weeks and my ends are very dry. My hair is also layered. Will this product be able to condition my hair and bring back the luster?

  2. Dear Bobo,
    Thank you for your interest in Napura’s products.

    Hair coloring in the long run takes a toll on the shaft of the hair. It leaves it dry and brittle. Even though the damage is external, the only way to prevent it is to start from inside out. If your the scalp is healthy hair grows toned and strong and it will endure frequent chemical processes.
    I recommend detoxifying your scalp with Napura’s Purify Phase to reestablish good oxygenation so that nutrients can reach hair follicles and encourage hair growth. Followed by the special mix of Essential Oils, Minerals, and Vitamins in the Prime Phase to guarantee a perfect balance and an efficient exchange of nutritional elements in the skin that will improve the structure of the hair. Hair becomes strong and healthy, remaining shiny and brilliant for a long time.

    Bobo, Napura commitment to healthy hair doesn’t stop at the TREATSYSTEMETHOD. They developed the new NAPURA natural colors. Based on oils they don’t contain AMMONIA or NICKEL, which are both poisoning and damaging for the hair. These colors are gentle, yet brilliant and leave hair shiny and soft even after frequent coloring processes. Still, they cover white hair perfectly.
    Napura colors are safe for pregnant women.
    I strongly recommend the use of Napura colors combined with the TreatSystemMethod to ensure a 100% results to beautiful and luxurious hair.

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  4. Where in United States online I can purchase Napura S10 shampoo or any other website who ships to United States?

    1. You can all buy directly from napura Italy:

    2. You can all buy directly from napura Italy:

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  6. Dear Sir, I'm experiencing hair loss since a year ago . I'm in my late 20's . I have oily haiR scalp. Can you please recommend what products from Napura should I use. Thank you.